Carbon2 Beta

Holy Crap!

It's official. Carbon2 will be ready for beta testing in the next day or two.

I have finished scripting all the admin features for the time being- which not to fret, will have new ones added soon. The navigation updater is pulled from an earlier project I did called "Forum2," and is very efficient at handling updates to multiple tables.

The only thing currently preventing the project from going full Beta as of RIGHT NOW, is the fact that I need to update the Database to allow Public Commenting (which some may have noticed in the Admin Panel is an option). The current setup doesn't permit it to happen properly, which would be nice to have neh? The code base also needs to be updated along with it so it will be supported. *dance*

I'd also like to thank Hylian (I know you guys can't see the member list yet, still need to code that module) for setting up an SVN for this project and hopefully helping out with future builds of Carbon2.

If you have any questions or notice something wrong, feel free to get a hold of me at: vassilij [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm pretty fast at getting back to e-mails sent there as they are sent to my phone.

Thanks for reading!

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